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Buggy HB Racing D413 1:10 4WD KIT

Buggy HB Racing D413 1:10 4WD KIT

Buggy HB Racing D413 w sakali 1:10 z napędem 4WD w wersji KIT

The HB D413 is the long-awaited successor to the D4 buggy that took the off-road racing world by storm just a few short years ago. Now, with off-road electric racing gaining more and more popularity by the month, we're ready to formally introduce you to the D413!

The HB D413 first turned a wheel at the 2013 ROAR Nationals in the hands of Ty Tessmann, one of the fastest racers on the planet and lead test driver for all of the off-road HB projects. Ty stole the show at the World's Warm-Up, winning both the 2WD and 4WD classes, and when he showed up at the ROAR Nationals at the same track just a few months later with the D413 in hand, it was all systems GO! and no one could stop him from taking another ROAR Nationals victory - this time in electric!

Designed over the course of just one year by star RC designer Torrance Deguzman, the D413 is designed for adaptability, durability, and win-ability! With the D413, drivers can choose the best battery layout for their driving style and the track surface, and its extreme toughness means you can hoon the car around the track and not have to worry about overdriving the car to the point of breaking. The D413 can dish out the punishment, AND take it just as well.

Check out these pictures of Ty's Pro-Line-equipped D413 at the IFMAR Worlds in Chico, California! Many thanks to Phil at NeoBuggy for these fabulous photos!

Run like the Champion! Get TY's setup sheets here...

The D413 is the only competition 4WD car that allows racers to choose two different battery configurations: a conventional saddle pack arrangement, OR a 'shorty' Li-Po pack. This adjustability is one of the hallmarks of the D413 and allows drivers to use a variety of batteries, as well as the ability to change the balance of the car front-to-rear.

Three high-strength and compact gear diffs are situated throughout the car. These allow drivers to fine-tune the handling of the car using various diff greases, altering the steering, traction and corner handling of the D413. Gear diffs are much stronger than ball diffs and let racers strap in modern extra-powerful brushless motors for maximum power

Highly adjustable suspension geometry (roll center, kick-up, anti-squat, camber, toe-in) for a total tuning package

Innovative triangulated shock tower mounts for increased survivability during crashes

12mm Big-Bore shocks with threaded bodies and mud guards

Versatile steering system with minimal bump-steer and highly adjustable Ackermann geometry for complete steering control

Signature HB Monocoque suspension arms for stiffness, strength and adjustability with no electronics

D413 SPEC:
Width: 250mm
Wheelbase: 278mm

Specification may be subject to change

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