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Buggy HB Racing E817 1:8 4WD KIT

Buggy HB Racing E817 1:8 4WD KIT
Model offroad w skali 1:8 HB Racing E817 w wersji KIT do samodzielnego złożenia. Model sprzedawanhy bez elektroniki i kół.

Pierwszy model w historii HB Racing w skali 1/8 z napędem elektrycznym. Model ten oparty został konstrukcyjnie na uznanym modelu nitro D815 z uwagi na co większość części jest kompatybilna.

E817 skazane na wygrywanie !

Cechy modelu:
    Accepts 4s 'brick' packs, 2 x 2s 'long' batteries, and 2 x 2s 'shorty' batteries (allows fore/aft weight adjustment).
    Batteries sit directly on the chassis for the lowest possible CG.
    Compatible with most nitro bodies – no need for special bulky/tall e-buggy bodies. Pro-Line Predator body included.
    Covered receiver box, and the electronics mounts are removable for ease of cleaning the car.
    Proven D815 style drivetrain with 43/10 gearbox ratio optimized for electric power.
    D815 steering components which include aluminum servo saver arm and clamping servo saver adjustment nut.
    Updated rear hubs are now compatible with universals and CVA type drive shafts. (reverse compatible to D815)
    Updated hinge pins for easier access to front and rear diffs. (reverse compatible to D815)
    Optional 'D' arm mounts with fine rear toe adjustment: 2.75°, 3.00°, 3.25°, & 3.50° (3.00° is standard in kit)
    Shocks, Swaybars, Diff parts, along with numerous other components are from the race proven D815.
    Compatible with almost all of the available D815 tuning items.

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